About Us

Our goal at Romelia's is to provide the highest quality baked goods to the community. We have been serving the San Antonio area since 2014, but our love for baking started many years ago. We make everything from cupcakes, to everyday pastries, to special event cakes. Our staff makes all our sweet treats daily with passion.

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Our specialty

Romelia's Treasures

A pecan meringue topped with cream cheese and fruits. Our treasures have variety of flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, Raspberry, and Apple.

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Dario Arellano

Our Chef

Dario's passion for baking started as a child while helping his grandma in the kitchen. His love for creating cooking continued at St. Phillip's College, where he pursued his love for culinary arts. Dario joined Romelia's in 2015 and has continued perfecting his culinary skills during his time here. 


Dario can often be seen on SA Live and Univision, and he was a finalist in Food Network's Cupcake Challenge in July 2019. 

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